Te Kaunihera o Nga Neehi Maori tohu

This tohu was designed by Anaru Vercoe which was the second one for the National Council of Māori Nurses. The tohu was originally an emerald green manaia with a gold fill. The colours are now a gold outer circle, royal blue manaia with a white fill and black to outline the features. Royal blue and white are traditional nursing colours. The manaia represents the person; the koru behind the mouth of the manaia represents the whakapapa, the three koru below the manaia represents Te ihi and Te waiora and the three koru in front of the manaia represents Te matauranga (the three Kete of Knowledge).

Nga kete e toru o te matauranga – are represented by the three frond curls
Tane who represented man fetched the three kete containing all knowledge both temporal and spiritual
Matauranga - Represents knowledge according to health.

Nga kete e toru o te Matauranga are:
1. Te Waiora - Health is the foundation of the wellbeing of Tu Tangata
2. Te Ihi - Life force or power, the ability, the desire, the way
3. Te Whakapapa - We are dependent on those who were before us.

They begat us – the future generations will depend upon us. It is we who shall beget them. We must make the effort to lay down superior qualities so they shall reap the eventual benefits. At the centre Tu Tangata/Wahine ranei. The person is at the centre of his/her universe – and is only part of the greater plan