Waerea Te Ara - Our Kaupapa

Waerea te ara ki te ora
Clearing the way toward total health and wellbeing

Our kaupapa captures our hopes and aspirations and provides direction for setting goals and actions. To the extent that we wish to:
• Promote whānau ora and ensure we provide energetic leadership in preserving and promoting the unique position Māori nurses have in achieving outcomes through our health and nursing contributions.
• Ensure that the values of the collective of Māori nurses are maintained, practised and supported in every aspect of our activities.
• Re-build and maintain communication with all Te Kaunihera o Ngā Neehi Māori o Aotearoa Branches and stakeholders by actively engaging their input at all levels of branch and regional activities to provide opportunities for their contributions towards hauora Māori / whānau ora in the wider health, nursing, education and social sectors.
• Develop greater capacity within Te Kaunihera o Ngā Neehi Māori o Aotearoa in terms of human, technical and financial resources.
• Ensure effective development and integration of our programmes and projects with an efficient infrastructure to meet demands and future growth.